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    Conventional press brake control

    Conventional but not conservative

    CNC control solutions for torsion bar press brakes

    The DA-40Touch series offers configurable solutions for a variety of conventional press brakes. Depending on the required functionality the control can be kept fit for the application for optimal user-friendliness.

    The DA-40Touch series lifts the user-friendliness even higher and is one-to-one compatible with it's predicesors.

    DA-41T / 42T

    Compact touch CNC for conventional press brakes Y-X, Y-X-R-Crowning (DA-42T)

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    It's a Delem

    Control philosophy in line with synchronized controls

    Control Principles are very similar across the control series. Where possible, navigation is kept standard so users can easily get accustomed.

    With entry level controls, users can get used to CNC style machine control without being overloaded with functionality.


    • Bright LCD display
    • USB periferal interfacing
    • Panel based housings
    • Servo control / inverter / 2-speed AC control
    • Offline software available with DA-40T controls


    DA-41T / 42T