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    Second display solution for DA-60S series CNC press brake controls

    State-of-the-art flexible solutions

    Expanding possibilities

    The DD-60S 2nd display for the DA-60S press brake control expands its solution with the ability to integrate additional software applications as well as it can expand the control GUI. Using ERP systems at the machine, enables the operator to see production plans, know his activity schedule and also update activities directly in the system. Next to reference lookup in e.g. PDF or even CAD/CAM systems, understanding details on the job at hand, make efficiency increase. No separate workstations near the machine and no last minute calls to preparation in order to have all set for the main task, produce the part.

    The DD-60S 2nd display is a full functional 1920 x 1200 touchscreen solution which can be connected to both PC (connected to the company LAN) as well as to the DA-60S press brake control.

    Neat functionality is provided with the automatically switching function over the DA-60S user interface. If installed and applicable, the DD-60S can be switched from PC to control and vice versa. The USB ports connecting the keyboard, mouse and touchscreen, will be automatically appointed the active function.

    The display can also be used solely for the computer functionality at the machine.


    Embedded reliability

    The DA-60S series features, next to pure control, also additional solutions for customization and fulfilling application demands improving productivity .


    Interfacing for machine integration with a diversity of partnering systems in the application.

    No compromise

    Machine functions and integration of partner systems, not compromising compatibility and performance.


    Delem touch navigation offers proven user friendliness and consistency ensuring highest possible efficiency.


    Working online, with office and machines, increases availability and prevents mismatches. One source, one product.


    • 24" high resolution colour TFT
    • Industrial grade touch screen functionality
    • HDMI interfacing
    • Proprietary switch function from CNC
    • USB, peripheral interfacing, automatically switching 2x USB, switching with source 1x USB, direct

    Technical data

    DisplayColor LCD display
    Type24" TFT, high brightness
    Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels, 32 bit colour
    Touch sensorIndustrial PCT touch screen control