Partnership &  Know How


Based on a dedication to the sheet metal forming industry, broad experience has increased continuously. Specific knowledge, with specific interests on press brake functionality, machine control technology, material specific behavior and press brake productivity, is embedded in the Delem way of developing solutions.


Developing products in a partnership relation with our OEM customers, gives us the opportunity to combine functional requirements with technological capabilities resulting in powerful new solutions.


Based on today’s press brake control needs, functionality can be configured, applied and modified in order to fit the desired solution.


For new requirements solutions can be implemented in close cooperation, resulting in custom fit functions and mechanisms enabling engineering freedom and proprietary implementations.   







Product development








Product development


The Delem team, build from a dynamic organization of strong professionals, uses the latest technology in the development and production of control solutions.


State-of-the-art electronics is designed and used to build and run sophisticated real-time and graphical control software. All in-house developed, dedicated and fit for the purpose. In addition to the 3D representation and simulation of products and production system the real-time control algorithms get the most out of the hydraulic and electric actuators and positioning axes.




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