World class


Delem quality

Delem stands for quality. World class quality.


Products are designed and manufactured on the basis of highest possible quality standards.

In addition to selecting the best possible components for our control solutions, also work based on state-of-the-art standards helps us maintaining quality at the highest level.


In all aspects, software design, selected technology, product lifecycle management and even our care for retrofitting existing applications quality is taken as a baseline for solutions.



Driving forces






Accuracy & Productivity


Accuracy and productivity are core values and joint driving forces for both our customers and Delem. This leads to control and product innovation which are beneficial for those to use press brakes in a variety of businesses all over the world.





Since Delem’s dedication to the sheet metal forming industry, over the years its relations with technical partners established synergies in cooperation with joint customers. Close cooperation with partners like hydraulic manufacturers, motion control manufacturers as well as tooling and safety system manufactures, lead to further integration and simplification. This is again beneficial to the user of today’s press brakes. 



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