Delem innovation is based on an extensive amount of in-house knowledge about bending, controlling pressbrakes, hardware and software.











Continuous refinement


For more than 40 years Delem has been inventing, designing and producing high-tech press brake and shear controls. Delem continuously has developed new products and has refined existing products in an evolutionary way in order to consistently increase the productivity of OEM machine builders and their customers.






System architecture

The Delem control architecture is made up of two layers:

  1. Low-level control of hydraulic and electrical systems for pressing, back gauges and tables.
  2. High-level functionality for both online and offline usage; e.g. user interface, product drawing, tool setup and bend sequence calculation.

The hardware and software architecture is mainly based on a combination of two platforms:

  1. Windows OS driven on x86 hardware platforms for high-end controllers
  2. Low-level OS on SoC FPGA platforms with softcore processors for low-end controllers and modules.

Offline software tools are available in addition to pressbrake control software to enable users to prepare bending programs offline in the engineering office.



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Delem products are characterised by the following points:

  1. Products cover the full range from entry-level to high-end controllers;
  2. The highest productivity is achieved for both OEM machine builders and end-users;
  3. User-friendly interfacing with external hardware (robotics, safety systems, angle measurement systems);
  4. Low cost of ownership;
  5. Long product life cycle (7-12 years);
  6. Inter-compatibility between controls;
  7. Continuous improvement of capabilities of both software and hardware driven by specific customer demand and general trends in the industry. Delem always welcomes new ideas.



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