Delem at the EuroBLECH 2018 


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The Delem presence at the EuroBLECH 2018 was again a success. We are very pleased to have seen and met so many of our relations and users.


Next to the valuable contacts we had during the show we have experienced very positive reactions to the introduction of our new DAC-360Touch shear controller and our new DA-60Touch-series software.  The introduction of the new Touch shear control meets the expectation of many referring to the success of our DA-69T, DA-66T and DA-58T.


Modern technology, strong interfacing and ease of use strengthen our products even more, and most important:


Increase your productivity !







The new DAC-360T  is the first step in the complete renewal of our range of shear control solutions.


Next to the move to touch technology, completing the changeover of the Delem control range, the navigation and ease of use has been brought to a whole new level. This refined shear control is again a result of a very consistent move confirming our success with touch technology to also 'Touch the Future' with your shears.


Part of a range of shear solutions, the versatile DAC-360T offers backgauge, gap and stroke control in a variety of configurable applications. The new touch interface enhances the user friendliness and, for those who already use our press brake controls, will show strong resemblance. 


More than ever, any user of Delem touch controls will automatically feel at home with the new DAC-360T. No learning curve required.


The new DAC-360T features: 

-       Industrial grade premium touchscreen control     

-       7" high resolution colour TFT

-       Back / front gauge control

-       Cutting angle and gap control

-       Manual movement of all axes

-       Second and third servo axis (DAC-362T)

-       USB memory stick interfacing


For more details do not hesitate to contact us. 


Modern technology, strong interfacing and ease of use strengthen our products even more, and most important:            Increase your productivity !




                Delem DA-Touch taken further...      





The all new DA-53T is expanding the DA-50Touch series press brake controls with a compact, easy to use, touch version of the successful press brake control solutions.


This panel based control, standard capable of controlling up to 4 axes, can be integrated in cabinets as well as used in an optional pendulant arm housing. Its 10.1" wide screen high resolution colour TFT, with industrial grade multi touch technology, gives access to the proven Delem user-interface. It enables direct “hot-key” touch navigation between product programming and actual production. Functions are located where needed, offering optimized ergonomics throughout the entire application.

Machine adjustment and test bends are reduced to a minimum with a quick and easy program-to-production work sequence.


The new DA-53T features: 

-       Industrial grade premium touchscreen control     

-       10.1" high resolution colour TFT

-       “Hot-key” touch navigation

-       Easy Bend selector

-       Up to 4 axes (Y1,Y2 + 2 aux. axes)

-       USB memory stick interfacing

-       Profile-53TL offline software solution


For more details do not hesitate to contact us. 





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