Delem is the technological leader in the world market for CNC controls for sheet metal machines. The activities in the sheet metal industry were started in 1978 with the development of a controller for press brakes to synchronize the speed and end positioning of the two hydraulic cylinders. Since this start in the sheet metal industry, Delem has been steadily growing.


The founders of Delem, Huub van Doorne and Henk Versluis, shared the vision to create a company which was specialised in making special electronic controllers for machine builders.






Today Delem is proudly part of KEBA AG which has its headquarters in Linz, Austria.  KEBA is an internationally successful company with a focus on industrial, banking, services, and energy automation. More information on KEBA can be found at  www.keba.com .


The success of Delem is a result of the ability to apply the latest technologies in its products. However, the best way to describe Delem's added value is know-how. Know-how in sheet metal fabrication and know-how to translate this fabrication knowledge into user friendly products.


The Delem team consists mostly of highly educated and dedicated development engineers, all experts in their field.


Delem products find their way to many machine builders all over the world, e.g. Europe, China, Korea, Taiwan, India, Australia, the USA and South America.



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