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Integrated solutions

With the DA-Offline range, an

integrated solution between offline  preparation and press brake enables optimum machine efficiency.


Profile-on Windows







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The DA-Offline range maximizes machine efficiency and output. Profile-W facilitates offline programming and running simulations keeping the machine in production.


The offline software Profile-on-Windows, with a similar user interface to the CNC controller, makes it user-friendly and widely applicable. Production planning, product programming, make-ability checks, cost-price analysis, tool checks, operator training, and many other activities can be carried out offline.


The package handles a variety of tasks including automatic bend sequence calculation, optimum tool choice, collision detection and the generation of the CNC program for the press brake.

Profile-on-Windows features

  • Full-scale offline programming
  • Graphical product programming and program generation
  • Auto bend sequence calculation
  • Collision detection
  • Product sharing over Windows networking with press brake CNC
  • Machine set-up preparation incl. print-out functionality
  • Production time calculation
  • Serial DNC, product transfer interfacing








Ordering information

• Profile-W2D

• Profile-W3D


• 2D or 3D version

• X1-X2 angle programming

• 3D finger view standard in 3D version

• User Interface compatible with

   DAonWindows range







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